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Bahamas Yacht Charter

The Bahamas are the ultimate escape-peaceful anchorages throughout the 700 islands and cays, all to yourself. Tranquil, serene, and brilliant turquoise water equal true relaxation. Sailing the Bahamas is the best way to tap into this tranquility. Contact your charter specialist to experience a Bahamas yacht charter for yourself!

Sailing the Exuma Islands

With enough islands to visit one a day for an entire year  (365 to be precise), Exuma is a district of the Bahamas that covers some 135 nautical miles. These islands are hot to a thriving bohemian population who celebrate their culture through various annual music and heritage festivals which draw large crowds of islanders and tourists alike. offering a wide array of destinations including popular resort beach bars as well as several unnamed cays protected the Exuma National Land and Sea Park of the Bahamas National Trust. The Exumas are surrounded by protected sailing waters and are a prime location for adventure offering endless water sports, diving sites, and hideaways for cavern exploring. Be sure to grab a snorkel and check out the abundant marine life. You may even spy a few spotted eagle rays which have an arm span of up to 11 feet.

Sailing the Abaco Islands

Over 121 miles long, this chain of islands in the Caribbean offers sheltered sailing waters, warm trade winds and mostly uninhabited beaches and cays for those seeking a truly intimate charter vacation. Colorful pastel colonial villages attract cruising travelers for their vibrant culinary experiences and charming resorts and shops. Marsh Harbour boasts pristine white sand beaches while offering full-service marinas and top notch resorts with beach bars and refreshing tropical cocktails. Guana Cay invites islanders for Sunday brunch featuring their famously delicious barbecue. Afterwards, you can enjoy 7 miles of powdery beach and may even stumble on a warm tide pool for your relaxation. There is also world-class snorkeling right off the beach.

Sailing the Bahamas – Sample Itinerary

Welcome to The Bahamas – your pristine getaway from the rest of the world. If you’re ready to explore the iridescent waters, stunning white sand beaches and swaying palms, it’s time to embark on your 7-day yacht charter through these incomparable islands, and experience a world of rest and relaxation. Island Life Charters strives to ensure that every aspect of your cruise is perfect.

Day 1

Spend a few hours exploring Nassau before boarding your yacht charter and setting out for a week of relaxation in the azure waters of the Caribbean. Take in the Queen’s Staircase, or visit Balcony House or Fort Charlotte for a little bit of history, or stroll the sands of Cable Beach, or grab a drink and something to eat at The Tiki Bikini Hut. Then, set out on your yacht charter for your next destination, Harbour Island.

Day 2

Spend the second day of your yacht charter exploring Dunmore Town on Harbour Island. You’ll find a wealth of history dating back to the 1800s, as well as options for dining. If scuba diving appeals to you, there are many options here. Or, you could simply soak up the sun on one of the pink sand beaches.

Day 3

After breakfast, you’ll weigh anchor and set sail for Eleuthera. Enjoy the leisurely cruise, and soak up the sun while your chartered yacht slowly takes you past the tropical shoreline. Make time to stop at Rock Sound if you like, or visit Freetown for a little shopping.

Day 4

Today’s stop will be Exuma, a chain of tropical islands strung out like pearls on the crystalline waters. Allen’s Cay is the first port of call here, where you’ll experience wild Bahamian iguanas in their natural habitat, as well as a charming marina. For dining, visit Xuma Restaurant and Bar in the marina on Highbourne Cay, just a few minutes from Allan’s Cay.

Day 5

Today finds you visiting Norman’s Cay, where you’ll find virtually deserted beaches and lagoons. This is an ideal spot for a bit of swimming or snorkeling. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a dive in Hammerhead Gulch. The sunken plane at the south end of the island is definitely worth exploring. You can also explore the Octopus Garden or fish in the Exuma Sound. For land-based activities, there are many ruins on Norman’s Cay, as well as Twinkie Beach for a bit of sunbathing.

Day 6

You’ll head to Compass Cay aboard your chartered yacht today, where you’ll find both man-made and natural wonders to explore. The island is rife with caves and grottoes that offer exploration opportunities. Rachel’s Bubble Bath is a lovely natural whirlpool, and the ancient Lucayan burial grounds are definitely worth visiting.

Day 7

Today, take the time to explore Sampson Cay and all that it has to offer. Pipe Creek can be an enjoyable visit if you’re interested in water skiing and aquatic fun. You’ll turn around and head back the way you came as the day comes to a close, overnighting at Highbourne Cay.

Day 8

Rested and refreshed, return to Nassau aboard your chartered yacht. Explore the city once more, as there are many things that you might have missed previously, including the lovely Christ Church Cathedral.

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