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Getting to the Virgin Islands – Travel Planning Made Simple

Ready to embark on an incredible excursion aboard a chartered yacht through the crystalline Caribbean waters of the US Virgin Islands? It’s an incomparable experience, giving you the opportunity to explore coral reefs and pristine tropical forests, as well as some of the most incredible shopping and nightlife options. However, before you can enjoy all this from your chartered yacht, you must first reach the US Virgin Islands. Our Island Life Charters team have put together some helpful information on travelling to and around the Virgin Islands.

Getting to the BVIs / USVIs

We will be glad to advise you on the best travel considerations for booking flights for your charter vacation.  There are many factors to take into consideration to make your transition to the yacht as efficient as possible. There are two airports serving the area – one on Tortola, BVI and one on St. Thomas, USVI. Both can serve your needs, depending on your plans, and when you plan to board your chartered yacht.

USVI Port-of-Call
If you intend to board your yacht in St Thomas, it is recommended that you fly into Cyril King Airport (STT) in St Thomas, USVI.

BVI Port-of-Call
If you intend to board your yacht in the BVI’s, you have an option to fly in to Beef Island Airport (EIS) in Tortola, BVI or fly into Cyril King Airport (STT) in St Thomas, USVI and then ferry or private water taxi to Tortola to meet your yacht.  Please note that flights into Tortola are typically via Puerto Rico and on smaller aircraft due to the size of their runway.  From the mainland US, there are many direct flight options into St. Thomas including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines or US Airways. If you are flying to St. Thomas from another Caribbean nation, you can fly Air St. Thomas, Air Sunshine, American Eagle, Cape Air, Leeward Island Air Transport, or Seaborne Airlines.

Traveling Between Islands

Ferry Service from St Thomas, USVI to Tortola, BVI

There are several ferry companies that provide daily service between St Thomas and Tortola.  If you will be boarding your yacht in the BVI’s, but flying into St Thomas, USVI, we will be glad to assist with finding the best ferry options based upon your arrival.  Please note that the ferry schedules are subject to change and the last ferry departs St Thomas around 4pm daily for Tortola.

If you will be disembarking from your yacht in Tortola, but flying out of St Thomas, USVI, be sure to allow ample time for the ferry ride, clearing customs/immigration and arrival at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure.  A mid to late afternoon departure flight is recommended in this case.

Getting Around the Islands

While your chartered yacht will take you shore to shore, if you plan to extend your stay in the Virgin Islands, transportation across on the islands is also available. You’ll find several car rental companies that can serve your needs and you can also hire a taxi. Major cities do have limited public transportation, as well, although we do recommend renting your own car so you can explore these incredible areas at your own pace.

We can help ensure that you’re able to see and do all that you want to during your stay. Ask our Yacht Charter Specialists about transportation options.