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Will I get seasick on a charter yacht?

How many guests will a yacht accommodate?

Will the captain show us how to sail?

Does the charter have a scheduled itinerary?

Do your services include helping us with pre-boarding plans?

What’s the weather like in the virgin islands?

When is hurricane season in the Virgin Islands?

Can you accommodate my food allergies and dietary restrictions on the charter?

Do I book the charter or airfare first?

Can I bring my own food on the yacht?

Do I have to be scuba certified to scuba dive?

What is there to do at night?

Are there nude beaches in the Virgin Islands?

Can I smoke on the boat?

Can I bring my dog on board?

Is there an age limit for yacht guests?

Do I need a passport to cruise in the Virgin Islands?

Is game fishing available?

What kind of water toys are available onboard?

What type of foods are served on an all inclusive yacht charter?

What is the cancellation policy