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US Virgin Islands Yacht Charters – Welcome Aboard!

The US Virgin Islands offer unspoiled beauty, stunning white sand beaches, and crystalline waters. Virgin Islands yacht charters ensure that you’re able to enjoy all that these incomparable islands have to offer, from luxury shopping to snorkeling and sunbathing. At Island Life Charters, we take pride in booking our customers charters which will provide them an incredible experience both on and off the water.

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Saint Thomas Island

USVI Sailing Charters in Saint Thomas and Saint John

Some of the best duty free shopping your will find anywhere is located at the Waterfront area of Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas.   A wide variety of restaurants and fun beach bars & nightlife can also be found throughout the island.

Saint John Island

US Virgin Islands Yacht Charter for groups and families

St John is always one of the favorite islands for many charter guests.  With over 60% of the island protected by the Virgin Island National Park Service, there is an abundant network of hiking trails and protected shorelines for optimal snorkeling & viewing of marine life.  Not to mention the many magnificent white sandy beaches just waiting for you to swim ashore.  If you enjoy history, you will want to be sure to visit one of the historic mill sugar plantations and ruins from the 1700’s scattered throughout the island.

The hub of activity and commerce for St John can be found in Cruz Bay.  There is something for everyone here .. spectacular shopping, some of the best restaurants in the Virgin Islands and numerous beach bars to enjoy a refreshing island cocktail and view the setting sun marking the end of another spectacular day in paradise.

US Virgin Islands Yacht Charters – Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Start your excursion on St. Thomas. Take a few hours to explore the shops and sites here, before boarding your chartered yacht. The capital of Charlotte Amalie is home to a wide range of shopping and dining options, but you can also soak up the sun, or visit Fort Christian for a glimpse of the area’s rich history. After boarding your chartered yacht, you’ll set sail for Magens Bay Beach.

Day 2

Magens Bay Beach is an idyllic setting, protected by forested land on three sides and open to the Caribbean on the fourth. You can swim, snorkel or just enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin. You can also enjoy lunch or dinner at Magens Bay Bar and Grill.

Top things to do when on a USVI Yacht Charters vacation

Day 3

From Megan’s Bay, you’ll set sail for Caneel Bay.  With beautiful sandy beaches like Honeymoon and Salomon beckoning you, a swim or SUP ashore may be your calling.   If you like hiking, you are in luck as amazing trails of the VI National Park are abundant here.  From here would be the perfect opportunity to take a ride into Cruz Bay for some local island culture, shopping, restaurants or beach bars.

Day 4

From Caneel Bay be sure to make a day stop at Cinnamon Bay on your way to Francis Bay or Maho Bay for the night.  The beaches here are some of the most popular in the US Virgin Islands.  Swimming, water sports, snorkeling … a full day of adventure awaits you.  Followed up with a fantastic dinner al-fresco aboard your yacht and watching the sun fade away into the sunset.

Day 5

Wake up and enjoy a leisurely breakfast, explore the stunning Caribbean waters, and then head for Leinster Bay (still on St. John). Here, you’ll be able to indulge in snorkeling and swimming, or you can explore the beautiful beaches. If you prefer, you can take a short hike inland to explore the ruins of the historic Annaberg Sugar Mill from the 1700’s.  If you like, take some time to explore the Virgin Islands National Park, which covers more than 60% of St. John.

Day 6

Today, you’ll sail away from shore and into the stunning blue of the Caribbean. You’re bound for the quiet, secluded south shore of St John aboard your chartered yacht.   You will find a true sense of serenity and connection with nature at harbors such as Great Lameshur, Little Lameshur or Salt Pond Bay.  You may opt for a stop at Coral Bay to take in the quieter side of the island with a significant artist flare, or grab lunch as Skinny Leg’s.  Hiking trails and on shore adventure are abundant here.

Day 7

This is a great time to head out to Buck Island National Park today, where you’ll be able to explore coral reefs and unspoiled underwater marine life.   You are almost certain to swim with some sea turtle and many other tropical fish.  A great place to spend you last evening aboard your yacht is at Christmas Cove.

Day 8

Your final day aboard your chartered yacht gives you the chance to get in one more swim or snorkel at Fish Cay, and to enjoy the natural splendor of the island before setting sail once more your marina on St Thomas, where you’ll de-board and head back to the airport.

Best beaches to visit during a USVI sailing charters trip

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Why don’t many charters sail to St. Croix?

St. Croix is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands and while it offers something for everyone including a thriving music and art culture, Caribbean vibes, nightlife, and surf-side shops galore – many charters do not venture to Saint Croix Island because it is geographically separated from  St. Thomas and St. John. Approximately 42 nautical miles away, charters do not regularly include Saint Croix in their itineraries. If you plan to arrival early or extend your stay in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can fly into STX or charter a seaplane. If you do make your way down to St. Croix, you will find a rich history in both cities of Christiansted and Frederiksted as well as casinos for a little gambling fun!